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                                  Subnautica: Walkthrough Guide To Get Into Aurora

Subnautica is one of the popular survival action-adventure video games to date. In the game, players can explore the ocean on an alien planet and collect resources. Apart from the alien planet, one of the most exciting places to explore in Subnautica is Aurora. The spaceship that crashed on the surface of the alien planet. It is located on the far eastern edge of the Subnautica map. Players can explore the Aurora and find treasures within. But, getting into the Aurora is not easy. The ship offers various puzzles and hazards to any fearless scavenger. walkthrough can help you get to Aurora with ease.


The first thing players need to do is find a way inside the Subnautica Aurora. There are two routes from the leading site. The first entrance is near the shore, and the second entrance is to go through the ship's front. The first entrance is close to the ship's crash site; players need to go to the shore's right side. They have to clear the entrance, which is behind the floodlight. After entering, it will take players straight to the ship's laboratory. The second approach is from the front of the ship; there will be a ramp. Players need to walk across the ramp, and they will come across a corridor that will take them straight inside Aurora.

The players cannot just enter Aurora. They need to prepare to get inside and unlock closed doors. Firstly, players need to carry some weapon like a survival knife or stasis rifle to protect themselves from the cave crawlers. Secondly, they need to put on a radiation suit so that it will protect them from the ship's damaged engine. Players will need fire, extinguisher, laser cutter, and repulsion or propulsion cannon. They will also need repair tools to fix broken doors. Taking a sea glide will be helpful if players want to explore the submerged parts of Aurora. 


Inside Aurora, there will locked doors filled with treasures. It is tough to get inside the locked doors. If you want cheat codes to unlock the closed doors, you can visit the Inversegamer website. You find codes for all the locked doors.